Festival packing list

09/05/16 - With the festival season fast approaching, here's our packing list with all the festival essentials we wouldn't be without.

Packing tips

Don't forget, you've usually got to carry, pull or push all your stuff from the car park/drop off point to the campsite, so try not to pack too much.

Check the festival weather forecast to help you decide what to wear/pack. That said, we always take sunscreen and wellies whatever the forecasters say. You should also check everything before you go. Does your tent have enough pegs? Does your airbed leak? Does your torch need new batteries?

And most importantly, don't take anything that you can't afford to lose

Festival packing list

Here's our festival packing list. If there's anything you need to buy, the links at the end of the list will take you the relevant page at Amazon.co.uk.

• Festival ticket
• Money/cards
• ID - as required by the festival

• Tent - check you’ve got all the poles, pegs, guy ropes etc.
• Mallet - if the ground is dry, it makes putting tent pegs in so much easier

• Sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Blanket
• Roll mat
• Air bed
• Battery operated air bed pump

• Toiletries - e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap/handwash
• Mirror
• Towel
• Toilet roll
• Tissues
• Wet wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• Basic first aid kit - plasters, painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, antiseptic cream etc.

• Changes of clothes
• Socks
• Underwear
• Fleece/jacket/jumper to keep you warm at night
• Footwear

• Waterproof jacket/poncho
• Waterproof overtrousers
• Wellies or sturdy waterproof boots

• Sun tan lotion
• Hat
• Sunglasses

• Torch - carry a small one with you at night to help you get back to your tent without tripping over other peoples guy ropes

• Plastic bags / bin bags - Useful for dirty clothes and rubbish, and great to sit on if the grass is wet

• Food / snacks / drinks

• Phone
• Spare phone battery or a solar/battery phone charger

• Camera
• Spare memory cards

• Small bag / rucksack to carry around in the day

• Big rucksack / trolley to carry all of the above

Festival shopping at Amazon.co.uk

Festival tents

One person tents / Two person tents / Three person tents / Four person tents / Tents for five or more people / Dome tents / Frame tents / Pop-up tents / Tunnel tents

Sleeping gear

Sleeping bags / Air beds / Air pumps / Sleeping mats / Camping pillows

Camping accesories

Chairs / Lights & lanterns / Cooking equipment


Women: Accessories / Dresses / Dungarees / Hoodies / Jeans / Jumpsuits & playsuits / Leggings / Shorts / Skirts / Sweatshirts / Tops & Tees / All clothing / Wellies / All footware

Men: Hoodies / Jeans / Shirts / Shorts / Sweatshirts / T-shirts / Trousers / All clothing / Wellies / All footware

Phone chargers

Portable battery phone chargers / Solar chargers

Cameras and sat nav

Cameras & accessories / Sat nav

Carrying it all

Backpacks & rucksacks / Coolers & cool bags / Trolleys & hand trucks