Southampton Solent University and give a flavour of the festival site from Thursday through to Sunday">

Glastonbury Festival 2010: Daily video updates

These daily video updates were made by students from Southampton Solent University and give a flavour of the festival from Thursday through to Sunday. The University has been performing film and production jobs at Glastonbury since 2004, giving students the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience.


The first video features festivals goers arriving at the site, performances from some of the smaller stages, footage from the Glastonbury 'World Cup' where England took on the rest of the world and ends with Billy Bragg singing Happy 40th Birthday to Glastonbury.


Friday's video update includes an interview with a stall holder selling bubble making paraphernalia and performances from jugglers, trapeze artists, and walkabouts in the Theatre and Circus fields.


The first half of Saturday's video update features scenes from Glastonbury's Green Fields before moving on to The Unfairground in the south east corner and an interview with the area's organiser. The video closes with some night time footage of DJs, robots and (the now banned) Chinese lanterns.


Sunday's video update starts with spectacular views of the festival from the top of the Ribbon Tower in the Park area. Back at ground level there is more footage from the Park, interviews with sand sculptors and score predictions from England fans before the World Cup match with Germany.