Glastonbury Festival 2010: A walk from the Glade to the Stone Circle

This video of the walk from the Glade to the Stone Circle was taken on a very sunny Wednesday at Glastonbury Festival 2010.

0.00 – The video starts on the path near the entrance to the Glade stage, looking south towards the railway line.

0.29 - The Glade. Set among the trees and with lots of shade, the Glade became increasingly popular with people seeking refuge from the sun as temperatures soared over the weekend. The Glade's line-up this year included Sasha, Dreadzone, Sub Focus, Arthur Brown, Alabama 3 and The Levellers.

1.05 - The old railway track. As we walk onto the old railway track, the campsite ahead is Pennards Hill Ground. This is one of the most popular areas to camp in at Glastonbury and it fills up very quickly on Wednesday.

In the direction we are heading, the old railway track goes through the Green Fields area and onto the festivals nocturnal 'naughty corner', home to the late-night areas of Block 9, the Common, Shangri-La and the Unfairground.

1.48 – Entrance to the Permaculture Garden. The garden promotes sustainable living and is one of the few permanent festival features on Worthy Farm. As you wander along the maze of paths, you can find out all about the plants being grown and how they can be used for culinary or medicinal purposes. There's a café in the centre and, near one of the exits, a house made from recycled materials that cost just £300 to build.

2.54 - Green Futures Field. Leaving the old railway track, we turn right into the Green Futures Field. The organisers describe it as an area "dedicated to creative change and eco problem solving”. There are lots of stalls and exhibits in the field providing information on approaches to eco-friendly living, such as renewable energy, upcycling and fair trade.

Green Futures also contains three green-powered performance venues - the Mandala Stage, Tadpole Stage and the Small World Stage. Among the artists that played over the weekend were The Nik Turner Band, Rodney Branigan and Tribal Voices.

3.23 - The large pink tent on the right is the Speakers Forum, a debate and discussion area. This year's speakers included Caroline Lucas - Green Party MP, Tony Benn and Michael Eavis.

3.47 - The large tent with the white and green stripes behind the band is the Tadpole Stage.

4.28 - As we leave the Green Futures Field, the field opposite is home to Croissant Neuf. The yellow and blue roofed structure is the Croissant Neuf Bandstand. The Bandstand's line-up this weekend included Biggles Wartime Band, The Strumpettes and Mik Artistik.

4.36 - The large tent with the flags on top is the Croissant Neuf Stage. This year's line-up included Corinne Bailey Rae, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer and The Beat.

5.17 - We're now leaving Croissant Neuf/Green Futures and heading on towards the Stone Circle with the Craft Field on the left and the Healing Field on the right.

5.24 - Entrance to the Healing Field. This is a very relaxed area where you can indulge in meditation, yoga and massage and learn about alternative medicines and healing techniques.

6.18 - Stone carver at work in the Craft Field. The artists and craftspeople in the Craft Field run workshops and demonstrations throughout the festival, giving you the opportunity to try everything from pottery, jewellery making and bowl carving, to blacksmithing, hat making and stone carving.

6.48 - King's Meadow. Up ahead is the Stone Circle with the security fence in the distance.