Glastonbury Festival 2014: Theatre and Circus

With eight main venues, four smaller stages and countless walkabout artists and ad-hoc performances, it was impossible to not to be amazed by the goings-on in Glastonbury's Theatre and Circus fields this year.

On Friday, on route to the Acoustic Stage, I was walking past one of the riser stages just as Zanzibar Le Jongleur was starting his act. During a set full of comedy and audience participation, Zanzibar wowed us with multiple diablo juggling before his spectacular grand finale juggling three machetes while balancing at the top of a ten foot ladder. Here's Zanzibar's promo video with some Glastonbury footage from 0.57 to 2.35:

Later that night, near the Cabaret Tent, I came across a crowd gathered round a burger van with what looked like a house on top of it. This was Ramshacklicious Theatre Company performing their show 'Grime' - a dark tale about a dysfunctional family who have fallen on hard times. I really enjoyed it and it certainly was different. There was drama, comedy, a few musical numbers, an awful lot of slapstick violence, and a disturbing puppet with sausages for arms.

The Cabaret Tent itself had a solid line-up this year, including John Cooper Clarke, Kevin Eldon, Josie Long and Marcus Brigstocke. I managed to miss all of them but did see entertaining sets from Mark Steel, Simon Evans and Andrew Maxwell - although Simon Evans was a bit distracted by the drumming from the Weapons of Mass Percussion who were going full pelt on the nearby Sensation Seeker's Stage .

My other Theatre and Circus highlights included the trapeze artists who were performing at a dangerously late hour on Sunday, the New York Brass Band playing 'Happy' on the Outside Circus Stage and the motorised turtle disco that trundled past me on Sunday afternoon complete with dancing jellyfish and shrimps.

Theatre and Circus highlights

Theatre and Circus walkabouts

Circus Big Top highlights