The Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival 2015

Here's a glimpse of some of things that went on in the Green Fields during Glastonbury Festival 2015, along with our text commentary below.

0.04-0.08 - The King's Meadow. This clip shows the bonfire that will be lit during the opening celebrations on Wednesday evening following the fire show, singing and fireworks.

The King's Meadow, also known as the Festival's Sacred Space and home to the Stone Circle is just one of a series of connected fields on the south side of the site that collectively make up Glastonbury Festival's Green Fields. The area also includes Green Futures, the Craft Field, Croissant Neuf, the Healing Field and the Tipi Field.

0.09-0.012 - The King's Meadow. A big crowd gathers to watch performers from the Cumbre Tajín Festival de la Identidad on Wednesday evening.

0.013-0.52 - The King's Meadow. Artists from the Cumbre Tajín Festival de la Identidad perform the Mexican ritual ceremony, Voladores, during which four performers fly on ropes attached to the top of a 20 metre pole. While they descend to ground level, a fifth man is on the top of the pole, dancing and playing a flute and drum.

0.53-0.55 - Sunset over the Tipi Field.

0.56-1.16 -Fire show and bonfire in the King's Meadow on Wednesday night. The bonfire was lit after the fireworks at around 10.45pm.

1.21-1.25 - Festival-goers in the King's Meadow. On most nights there were many similar groups in the field sitting around wax candle flares. As you entered the field, the candle flames flickering further up the slope, combined with the singing, laughter, shouting and drumming, made for another amazing Glastonbury moment.

1.26 -1.31 - The Craft Field. The artists and craftspeople in the Craft Field ran workshops and demonstrations throughout the festival, giving you the opportunity to try everything from pottery, jewellery making and bowl carving, to blacksmithing, hat making and stone carving. The craftsman at 1.30 is making is flowers by very finely shaving hazel sticks. There's a video all about the Craft Field at the bottom of the page.

1.52-2.00 - The Green Kids Area. Run by the Green Fields team, the Green Kids area is situated at the far end of the Greenpeace Field . The ship, complete with its helter-skelter, is called the Cadmus and is designed to look like an ancient Ark .

2.01-2.07 - The Greenpeace Field. Glastonbury makes an annual donation to Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid, its three main charities, and to hundreds of other local, national and international organisations. Alongside the campaigning activities and installations, this year saw the Greenpeace Field offer food and drink, live music and one of the few places on site to get a hot shower. You could also start each day with power ballad yoga which ran from 10am to 11am.

Music offerings in the Greenpeace Field included the New York Jazz Band, Gecko, Loyle Carner and Jackmaster on Thursday; Marc O'Reilly, K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade, Djanan Turan Band and The Egg on Friday; Beans on Toast, Kuenta I Tambu, Andreya Triana and Maribou State B2B Pedestrian on Saturday; and Worry Dolls, Shakti Sings (see video below), Gypsydelica and Cal Jader on Sunday.

2.11-2.23 - The Tipi Field. As well as a lot of tipis, the field has its own venue, Ancient Futures. The line-up this year included reggae band Avalon Roots, up-beat flamenco   guitar duo De Fuego, poetry from Murray Lachlan Young, along with sets from Calico Jack, The Undercover Hippy and Tobias Jacob.

2.27-2.33 - Litter pickers at the Stone Circle.

2.40-3.00 - The Peace Garden. Situated in the King's Meadow, The Peace Garden provided the venue for the Dalai Lama's talk on Sunday (Watch the BBC's video here) before his appearance on the Pyramid Stage during Patti Smith's set.

Shakti Sings Choir at Glastonbury Festival 2015

The Craft Field at Glastonbury Festival 2015