Hattie Hatstar at Glastonbury Festival 2015

Croissant Neuf Bandstand
Wednesday / 4.30pm-5pm

Like Biggles Wartime Band who were on earlier, Hattie Hatstar is a Glastonbury Festival regular and, accompanied by Felix on double bass, she entertains us with some masterful accordion playing and a great selection of comedy songs.

'Preparing for Armageddon' is one highlight and tells the story of how Hatstar has taken up jogging in training for the zombie apocalypse. The chorus goes: "So although you are walking faster than me, and I am turning bright red, in the end I will be running, you will be dead".

Here's a clip of the song being performed at Glastonbury 2014:

Before a song about buying control underwear, called 'Forty and Fat', there's a dark version of 'A Windmill in Old Amsterdam' - the one about the mouse, or in this case, a massive infestation of mice (it doesn't end well). After some stage-led rehearsal, we all join in with the "Where?", "Where on the stair?", and "Well I declare" bits. "You're very good," Hatstar says, "I bet you won't be like that on Sunday."

Website: www.hattie.biz