WaterAid unveils the 'Loo with a View' at Glastonbury 2015

International development charity WaterAid revealed a very special addition to Glastonbury's legendary loos at this year's festival.

Located next to the cider bus at the back of the Pyramid stage field, the 'Loo with a View' is a toilet with a two-way door that appears see-through to the person inside - whilst to those waiting, the door appears as a mirror and they're unable to see in.

WaterAid installed the 'Loo with a View' to give festival-goers a small sense of what life is like for the 2.5 billion people across the world without a safe, private toilet. As they go to the loo, they have a view toward the Pyramid stage crowd and some of the 175,000 people attending the festival.

Stage fright may have been an issue for those who tried out the toilet, as people in the queue were totally oblivious as they checked their reflections in one of the few mirrors available on-site at the festival.

WaterAid's Chris Wainwright said: "WaterAid's 'Loo with a View' is a light-hearted way of raising awareness of an incredibly serious issue the fact that a third of the world's population still have no choice but to go in the open.

"This installation will allow a brief glimpse into the lives of those who have nowhere safe to go to the toilet and often suffer the indignity of being stared at, harassed or even attacked.