The Green Fields

For some, the true spirit of Glastonbury can be found in the Green Fields area.

The connected fields that make up the Green Fields area provide a focus for alternative therapies, green technologies, traditional crafts and environmental campaigning. Here's a flavour of what went on in the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival 2016:

The area includes several solar-powered stages and even one that runs off pedal power. Among the many artists who played in the Green Fields this year were Sheelanagig, Mik Artistic, Electric Swing Circus, Banco De Gaia, Eddy Temple Morris, Roni Size, K.O.G. and the Zongo Brigade, Vaults, De Fuego, Tom Robinson, Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan, The Portraits and The Pyramids of SNAFU.

There was also some karaoke from a certain Mr Michael Eavis:

On Wednesday night, the traditional opening ceremony was held in the Kings Meadow, home of the Stone Circle. There was much singing, chanting, drumming and fire-poi, which all culminated in a spectacular firework display.