Video and backstage chat from King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent on Friday

Line-up - Gerry Cinnamon, Augustines, The Coral, Bear’s Den, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Frightened Rabbit, Jamie XX

Gerry Cinnamon

"I was first onstage in the King Tut's Tent and smashed it. I was here last year on the T Break Stage, which was a great result – about six years ago I decided to do it all myself. I recorded music on my phone, using GarageBand, put it online and it just took off from there. I ended up selling out venues all over the shop, and then I got T Break. It was just madness.

"I was on at about 2 in the afternoon and thought nobody would be there. But an hour before the place was just bouncing with the 'Gerry Cinnamon' chant. It was the loudest thing I've ever heard. That's the biggest adrenaline kick I'd ever had.

"The only ambitions I've got are playing the King Tut's Wah Wah Tent and Barrowlands. And now I've done one of them. When I came on today it was absolutely mayhem. It was the biggest moment for me, but it's not sunk in yet. Everyone was singing along, just off hearing my YouTube videos, which is all I want. If people are singing the words that means it's real. I'm starting to get emotional now, just talking about it!”

The Coral

Bear's Den

Andrew Davie (singer/guitarist): "This is our first time at T In The Park. We knew it was a really big one, and that the audience is going to be totally up for it. We've played a bunch of different festivals this summer but T In The Park is especially exciting. We're buzzing!

Kev Jones (drummer vocalist): "And the line-up is incredible. We really want to catch The Augustines and Frightened Rabbit. The best festivals are the ones where you meet loads of bands, and the bill today is ridiculous!”

Davie: "We get to wait and hang about afterwards, which is fantastic. We've been trying to figure out whether Scottish fans feel a special connection with us because of our name – our next Glasgow show just sold-out really quickly, and that was really unexpected. From my perspective, my parents and my grandparents are from Milngavie, right next to Bearsden. So while the band name was an exploration of Where The Wild Things Are I think subconsciously Bearsden must have been in there. So I do feel that kinship with Scotland – plus, I wrote a lot of the first album in Milngavie. So Scotland is a big part of me; I feel really at home when I'm here. It's really lovely to be at T, playing, having an audience.”

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Frightened Rabbit

Scott Hutchison (singer/guitarist): "This is our fourth T In The Park. The first time, we played the T Break Stage, just after our second record, probably 2008. We were totally blown away because first of all we didn't know that many people knew who our band was. Then secondly, I had no idea that those people also really knew the songs. It became this big sing-along, which was a new thing for us. I just didn't expect that, so that first time was a really special moment for us.

"The second time we were at the King Tut's Tent, and we filled it. And maybe it's because we're eternal pessimists, but we had no idea that that many people were interested. It blew our minds!

"The third time we were on the Radio 1 Stage. The weather held up and it was great. Man, for me you can't touch T In The Park. It's a place I grew up coming to; it's a place where our band have had so many special moments. And you can chart our band's progress through the slots we had here. After that second show, a gig we already had booked at Barrowlands for later in the year, sold out so we added a second. That's down to T in the Park.

"For a band in Scotland especially, playing T In The Park can totally change your trajectory. And having been going for over 20 years, it's internationally known. And now you have this beautiful site… incredible!”

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