Videos and backstage chat from the Main Stage on Friday

Line-up - The Temperance Movement, Alessia Cara, Fun Lovin' Criminals, James Morrison, Courteeners, Disclosure, The Stone Roses

The Temperance Movement

Phil Campbell (singer): "I really can't believe we're opening the Main Stage. It's an absolute honour. The Temperance Movement have gone from playing Nice 'n' Sleazy, King Tut's, The ABC, QMU, Barrowlands, and now the Main Stage at T In The Park. It really has worked in Glasgow for our band, and I coming from Glasgow, feel very proud and satisfied.

"I played T In The Park with my first band, Wah Wah Jack, and we played the second ever festival, at Strathclyde Park. We'd only played one gig before it, at King Tut's we were well lucky and then we're on at T In The Park.

"I played again as a solo artist in the late Nineties, at Balado, and that was cool as well. Then The Temperance Movement played two years ago, in a tent, and now I'm here this year on the Main Stage. I can chart my musical journey over two decades via T In The Park."

Alessia Cara

"It was so much fun today, amazing. Everyone was just so energetic, and so loud, and singing all the words. It's just awesome to see that.

"I've always wanted to come to Scotland, and now I've done it twice this summer - I supported Coldplay at Hampden, which was very different from T but at the same time just as fun. The adrenaline was just as high. It was kind of a big deal!

"And today it was so endearing hearing everyone singing along. I'd always heard the Scottish crowds were really welcoming and supportive, and they really were. I had a really good time.

"I'd love to come back here next year, but today I really want to hang out for a bit and see some bands and be a guest. Some of this countryside, all the trees backstage, reminds me of Canada, especially the bit from home, the Toronto area.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Fast (bass): "We've been lucky enough to play T a few times. Now this is our fourth time playing here, and we get the chance to party with people the songs mean as much to them as they do to us. It doesn't get any better.

Huey Morgan (singer, guitarist): "My best memory is the first time we played here I hung out with Joe Strummer, who was my idol growing up. We became friends, and whenever we hung out and people said, how'd you meet Joe?' and I always loved telling the story: 'I met Joe at T In The Park!

Frank Benbini (drummer): "You always know there's gonna be a party at T In The Park!

Huey: "We brought a lot of party. T In The Park is special for us. We're fortunate to be able to do this. We can still do this? Why wouldn't we! And the band are the least important part of the equation. We're there, and we're trying to be the soundtrack to people enjoying themselves, but it's their fun and energy that's the most important thing. That's a festival.

James Morrison

James Morrison: "I've done T In The Park twice before now. The second one, it was totally roasting, and everyone was really up for it. The crowd were very good to me.

"When you play at a festival, if you ramp it up too much, you lose that intimate thing. I'm not a stadium act, I'm not U2, and so it's getting the balance right. I'm aware there's a massive crowd, but at the same time I know it's only me, so I have to keep it personal and rocking out at the same time.

"My first ever gig in Scotland was at King Tut's, just me on acoustic guitar and a mate on keyboards. It was really good, but I remember being worried - I came out around the same time as Paolo Nutini, and I thought people would go for him first 'cause he's from here. But some of my favourite gigs I've ever done have been in Glasgow and Edinburgh. To this day Scottish crowds are some of the best crowds I ever have. They've always shown me a lot of love.

"Normally I have to leave straight after my set, but today I get to hang around fore a few hours and have a drink and see some bands. That makes a massive difference as a person and as an artist."



The Stone Roses

Friday night belonged to The Stone Roses, with the reformed foursome making a second visit to T in the Park having previously played in 2012. They didn't disappoint, kicking off their show with a bagpiper and a blast of Scotland The Brave.

The opening salvo of I Wanna Be Adored, Elephant Stone and Sally Cinnamon alone were enough to inspire the T masses. The communal chorusing continued in a hit filled set that reverberated through the Perthshire hillsides as the sun finally set on a great first day of music.

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