Video and backstage chat from the Main Stage on Saturday

Line-up - Royce 59, Jack Garratt, Tinie Tempah, Jess Glynne, The Last Shadow Puppets, Bastille, Calvin Harris

Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt: "I've always known about T in the Park, and I've known people who are going to it or have played it, and I know what a big deal it is for them. So in the lead up to me coming here, I've felt that same anticipation, and I'm really happy and proud to be part of it.

"Every show for me is completely different, which is something I'm very aware of I want every show to be reflective of the place I'm in. So this is a new thing for me; I've never played at T before, and this year I'm starting to play main stages.

"I've only been onsite a little while but everyone has been really attentive and really lovely. T is definitely one of the nicer backstage vibes that I've ever experienced. It's great to be hanging out with the people who are playing on the same stage. It creates a real feeling of camaraderie between all the artists, because ultimately we all have the same job to do: walk out on that stage and give the crowd the best time possible. And we can't do that individually, but we can do that together. That's something I've always loved about festival season."

Tinie Tempah

Jess Glynne


Dan Smith (singer, guitarist): "We've just put our arena tour on sale - these size of venues are incomprehensible to us; we don't feel like an arena band - so it's really nice having shows like T in the Park this summer. We're just so excited about playing the new record to people today.

"It's generally my birthday when we play T in the Park its not this year, which is good, because we have a tradition of humiliating each other and getting the whole crowd to sing Happy Birthday. That's what happened the first time we played here for the first time, on the Radio 1 stage, three years ago, which was one of the first big festival gigs we had. Getting to play to just a massive sea of people blew us away!"

Calvin Harris

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