Video and backstage chat from the Main Stage on Sunday

Line-up - Rogue Orchestra, The Lightning Seeds, Slaves, James Bay, Faithless, Chase & Status, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rogue Orchestra

Anne-Marie McGahon (viola, orchestra director): "Geoff Ellis from DF got in contact and asked if we'd do a tribute to David Bowie at T In The Park. And it was just after Prince died, so we thought, let's add some Prince in there as well.”

Debbie Aitken (manager, orchestra director): "We knew exactly what we wanted to do, exactly what the set list would be, how we wanted it to look. It was actually really easy to do, even thought it was first gig. We had 22 people on stage today.”

Anne-Marie: "We knew straight away we were going to do Space Oddity and Purple Rain.

Debbie: "Life On Mars got the best response today – we had this big tympani at the end, which everyone was clapping to. It was fantastic.”

Anne-Marie: "And we have the dressing room next to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, so we're trying to work a bassline into one of their songs so we can have a bit of a ceilidh with them in the artists' village. Watch this space…”


Laurie Vincent (vocals, guitarist): "We played T last year but we did have a few months off 'cause I broke my wrist skateboarding and Isaac had a shoulder operation.

Isaac Holman (drums, vocals): "I dislocated my shoulder during a gig and it kept rolling out of its socket, and I kept rolling it back in, until it got ridiculous and I needed an operation. Now I've got some pegs in it.”

Laurie: "But last year's T was great. We had a great day wandering around with Annie Mac. And our show was amazing. It was the first time we'd played on an open-air stage, and this year was the first time we played on a main stage at a major festival. When we started our band, we never thought we'd be able to play on stage – because there's only two of us, there's no bass, it's not a thick sound. So we thought we'd just have to play on the floor and just entertain people that way. But now we've proved we can do what we want. Being on that bigger level means you can get more people to interact with each other. You just see people with their arms flying around each other in a group mentality. It's how music should be; it's different to dance music, where everyone's on a different journey. But my favourite is making the crew and security smile. When you see a cameraman laughing, you know you've done something right.”

James Bay

James Bay: "T in the Park last year totally lived up to my expectations, and it was definitely a highlight. Only a short number of festivals later, we did V, and it was the last thing we did before going on a holiday for a week. MY guitar started dying in the last song, so in that very moment I was just dreaming of T and how great it was.

"This is my third year in a row, because the year before that I was on a tiny little tent, in the last site. As I was starting up the second song, about 500 people ran into the tent, from I don't know where. So we've always had great times at T.

"It's great to be back this year too because I'm a competitive person, so to conquer a bigger crowd, and to know that when I come back to that place, it'll be bigger again, is a wonderful feeling which spurs me on.

"And when the weather's like this, it's an exciting challenge. In Scotland I have more confidence in playing to people in this kind of weather than anywhere else in the world. I think we're just great at it. We were born in this weather; we'll take it on. And today, we'll give it everything like we always do.”


Chase & Status

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